DJI Mavic Pro Review

The DJI Mavic Pro was released a couple months ago.  I was able to get my hands on this bad boy last week when I visited my friend.  We had a great time flying this drone.  Let me just say this now, this drone was tiny.  Very, very tiny for a drone.  You can easily hold this drone in one hand.  I don’t know how DJI did it, but this drone is packed with a 4K Camera and a 27 minute flight time.  Those specifications are really good in the drone world.  4K Resolution is crispy and clean to look at, and a near 30 minute flight time allows you to record all that need in one session.  My friend and I were able to fly the drone 3 miles away from us.  This drone is really sweet and I recommend you to buy it.  You can get your Mavic Pro here.


DJI Mavic Pro” by Leigh Miller. CC2.0

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