Corsair STRAFE RGB Review

I have been using the Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for more than a year now.  I have tried many gaming keyboards before, and personally I think this one is the best.  The Corsair STRAFE uses CHERRY MX switches.  CHERRY MX switches feel amazing to press down on.  Most people have chunky, membrane keyboard switches that feel cheap to press down on.  I chose the CHERRY MX Silent Switches for my STRAFE.  The Silent Switches are not really too silent or too clicky, they have their own unique sound.  It is a more quiet version of your standard mechanical keyboard click.  All CHERRY MX Switches are amazing, but when it comes to the different versions, it is up to your preference of sound.  The RGB part of the keyboard is wonderful.  The plate underneath the keys is completely white, so the colors gracefully reflect of it.  You can go from preset rainbow displays to community-made, game-based displays.  I have had a setting where my keyboard lit up every time sound on my computer played.  I have also had one where there was a unique lighting setting for each Overwatch character.  The STRAFE Keyboard also has a USB pass-through which is neat to have since the keyboard takes up two USB ports.  The arm rest that the STRAFE comes with may be plastic, but it is very comfortable.  It has saved my wrist so many times after countless hours of gaming and typing.  Overall, I would rate this keyboard a 9/10 due to its amazing keys and spectacular look.

***Unfortunately, Amazon no longer sells the silent but the Red and Brown switches are what I recommend the most***

Corsair STRAFE RGB (Cherry MX Red):

Corsair STRAFE RGB (Cherry MX Brown):

Corsair STRAFE (No RGB, Cherry MX Red):

strafe rgb(better)


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